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Employee Manager

Cognos HR is a Chicago-based PEO and HR services provider that helps leaders of growing businesses worry less and do more for their business.

We'll handle the HR.

Our clients benefit from tapping into established HR infrastructure and expertise which enables safer, more efficient growth and happier, more productive employees.

Our services include payroll management, employee benefits and administration, access to HR software, risk management, training/leadership development and much more.

...basically, we do all the HR related stuff you’ve heard of and a bunch more that you should never have to know about.



Who we work with


Happy clients include local companies like Regroup Therapy, Benchprep, Highground,, and Scholastica.

We’re also a trusted service provider for the ITA, TechNexus, 1871, Catapult Chicago, Lightbank Ventures, The Junto Institute and Hyde Park Angels. Yes, all clients as well.

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Any business from 10-200 employees can benefit from a partnership with Cognos HR.

We would love to learn how we can help your business. Contact us for an HR consultation and we’ll take care of the rest.

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