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Cliché or not, your people are your company's greatest asset. When customers rely on you, they rely on the quality of work your employees produce.


How we help 

There are several "personality tests" available to employers today; none of them are as comprehensive or effective as The Judgment Index™.  The Judgment Index™ is one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically-based assessment instruments ever created. It empowers you to measure the value system, judgment capacity and capability of an individual – and does so with unswerving accuracy. 


Good judgment = Good decisions = Excellent outcomes

The Judgment Index™ can enhance performance in an array of critical areas for your organization, including:

Recruitment and Retention
Identify who has the judgment and decision making skills to help your business succeed.

Leadership and Team Development
Nurture leadership potential, build successful teams and enhance performance.

Health and Wellness
Gain insight into the wellness behavior of your workforce to maximize performance levels.

Safety and Risk Management
Get the insight you need to improve safety and reduce lost time.

“We use the Judgment Index as a personnel evaluation tool for assisting our organization in hiring marketing representatives and find it to be an outstanding predictor of success.”
— A. Vincent Blunt, III Vice President Human Resources / Olan Mills, Inc. (JI client)