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Business News Daily: How to Improve Your Memory Retention and Productivity

An entrepreneur's work is never done, but sometimes it's easy to feel overwhelmed or worn out. In these moments, productivity often grinds to a halt and it can be difficult to even remember important tasks or meetings. Read the full article…


Small Business Trends: 5 Simple Steps the Pros Use to Manage Employees

It’s not easy starting a small business. Over half fail in the first four years and only 3 percent make it to year five. Small Business Trends speaks with Bob Cerone, CEO of CognosHR, to get his small business management tips. Read the full article…


TLNT.COM: Don’t Let Them Make Bad Hires

In our experience, the best way to avoid having to fire employees is to focus your energy on hiring the right ones. To do this successfully, you’ll need to get leadership and management invested in improving your hiring process. Read the full article…



WGN Radio: The technori POdcast visits with Bob Cerone

CognosHR CEO, Bob Cerone joins Scott Kitun in-studio at WGN Radio to talk about how companies can use human resources to propel their business rather than just make new hires. In today’s world, restricted HR can seriously hurt a company. Listen to the segment here

08/08/2018 The Pro’s and Con’s of Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO has become a trendy perk for startups to offer their employees. Often, it’s implemented because founders think it will be less administrative work or will help them compete with bigger firms for talent. Those things can be true, but from our experience of working with hundreds of small businesses, unlimited PTO can also present some unexpected challenges. Read the full article here…

1871 blog - CognosHR - Why Startups Need Handbooks


1871 Blog:The Startup’s Secret Weapon for Saving Time, Reducing Risk, and Retaining Talent

If you’re a startup founder, time is your scarcest and most valuable resource. The good news: there’s a simple document that will not only save you time but also help you reduce risk and retain top talent. It’s time-tested, it’s proven, and every business should have it – it’s the employee handbook. Yes, that old thing. You thought you didn’t need one but you actually do. Read the full article here.

TLNT-Cognos HR productivity advice for HR reps

07/05/2018 The Productivity Advice HR Professionals Should Ignore

For client facing employees, our policy is to respond to client emails and phone calls within three hours, if at all possible – and certainly no later than the next business day. Here’s why I push this counterintuitive policy and how it can improve outcomes for any HR consultant or in-house team. Read the full article here…

Entrepreuner - Cognos HR - 4 ways to make your workplace more human

05/28/2018 Want to Make Your Workplace More Human? Here Are 4 Foolproof Ways.

Employers are actively working to make the cliche “another cog in the machine” a thing of the past. Their priorities have shifted from treating employees like drones to understanding who they are as people. To achieve this, leaders are focusing on ways to make the workplace more human. Read the full article here…

talenteconomy-cognoshr-HR advice for startups


Talent Economy: Talent10x podcast - HR Expert on Startups, Employee Classification

Bob Cerone, CEO of CognosHR, talks with Senior Editor Lauren Dixon about what areas of HR that startups tend to get wrong and the changes that have taken place in the past 20 years. Listen to the segment here…

TLNT-cognoshr-hrmetrics-showing value

05/22/2018 Show Your HR Value With ‘Pain Point’ Metrics

One of the trickiest parts of providing HR services is that the better you do your job, the less visible your work is. When everyone on a team is happy, fulfilled, and engaged, the business can operate as the founder envisioned – and that founder may fail to realize the importance of the behind-the-scenes HR work that’s made that reality possible. Read the full article here…